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Project Id Project Name Objectives / Expected Outcomes Project Start Date Project Completion Date Project Life Cycle Cost Cost Variance Cost Variance (%) End Point Schedule Variance (in days) End Point Schedule Variance (%)
1007300603 Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Shared Service Center (SSC) HRIS SSC is a Human Resource (HR) Information Technology (IT) capability consolidating HR IT System and services to provide core (personnel action processing; benefits and compensation management) HR related functions. HRIS SSC will replace Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID) which is a 45-year old COBAL-based system at the end of its life span. This project will improve efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes by acquiring a State-of-the-Art, 21st century solution from an approved HR shared service center provider, migrate to a modern, state-of-the-art system that will support current and future HR systems, business processes and data exchange and shift focus from administrative processing to customer service and strategic planning. . 2017-09-30 76.300000 -12.405069 -22.36%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1105030605 VA Time and Attendance System (VATAS) VATAS is a centralized Web-Based Time and Attendance System. It provides timekeeping functions for all VA employees and generates interface data that is sent to the Defense Finance and Accounting System (DFAS) payroll system. 2014-04-24 40.613565 -8.063404 -31.94%Red Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1105200603 VA for Vets VA for Vets is a program established by the Office of Human Resources to increase the Veteran employment rate from 32% to 40% using a three-pronged approach - recruit Veterans, retain those Veterans once they are VA employees and then, for those VA employees who are also Military Service Members (MSMs), support their reintegration back to the VA workforce after their active duty assignments are over. This will be supported through the implementation of an integrated suite of tools and resources including a Case Management System, Resume Builder and Military Skills Translator. 2014-01-30 25.825736 -2.212342 -25.53%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1101130605 Project Management Accountability System (PMAS) Dashboard Application to track and report on: Project Management Accountability System (PMAS) project increment deliverable dates, cost, and status; content for Monthly Progress Reports (MPR). Centralized IT project monitoring tool. Enables automated updates to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Information Technology (IT) Dashboard. 2014-04-01 34.801000 -1.868206 -13.86%Yellow Category 4 0.49%Green Category
1109121130 SCIP Automation Tool (SAT) - Long Term Solution The Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP) Automation Tool (SAT) is to create a web-based, interoperable system to collect the data necessary to understand and evaluate the VA Infrastructure and service gaps and to develop both capital/non-capital solutions to address these gaps by 2021. 2013-06-15 38.603000 -1.716205 -75.49%Red Category 23 2.44%Green Category
1107260603 CSEMO Performance and Talent Management System (CPTMS) The Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO) needs to standardize and make more efficient the means by which executives are rated, evaluated and receive performance based compensation. The Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO) also needs to streamline, centralize and automate the processes and tools involved in the management, development and evaluation of executive talent as well as enhance the collaboration and communication with and between executives. 2014-10-30 5.754363 -0.617349 -16.88%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1105310603 VAFM Corporate and Regional Matrixed Budget Management System VAFM Corporate and Regional Matrixed Budget Management System (CRMBS)is a software solution that provides real-time, synchronized, coordinated budget execution, data reporting and dissemination, as well as audit capabilities across the corporate and regional functional matrices. This automated system will replace the current manual process which is time-consuming and less effective. 2016-03-28 11.500000 -0.555025 -25.94%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1105270603 VAFM Space and Equipment Planning System- SEPS 3 The Office of Construction and Facilities Managements (CFMs) seeks to convert the windows based SEPS II to the fully web-based application SEPS 3.0 with the goal of eliminating deficiencies associated with SEPS II while realizing the benefits of a web-based application. 2013-06-14 7.563000 -0.381921 -25.46%Yellow Category -75 -8.47%Green Category
1007290605 Talent Management System FY11 Enhancements The VA Talent Management System (TMS) is a web-based software application (Vendor: Plateau LTD) used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, a learning management system (LMS) such as TMS provides an instructor with a way to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. The TMS Enhancements will enable the functions for talent management, recruitment and on-boarding, goal-setting, performance management, assessments, and career and succession planning. This work began in FY11 and will complete in FY12. 2013-10-31 13.635640 -0.286374 -2.29%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1405094768 VA Time and Attendance Systems (VATAS) Enhancements These enhancements are for the VATAS system’s growth and implementation beyond the FY13 VATAS project. It will include additional functionality that the Business Owner (BO) has solicited from the field. For such an important aspect as an employee’s paycheck, the BO wants the system to be fully effective and comprehensive in its application. . 2015-07-02 1.104000 -0.233252 -31.33%Red Category -31 -10.76%Yellow Category
1010150615 Workforce Planning Workforce Planning system is a planning software for VA leaderships/managers to plan for short and long term VA-wide workforce and provide decision capability for unanticipated workforce throughout the VA, in medical centers, outpatient clinics, Vet Centers, regional offices, central office and national cemeteries. Workforce Planning System is a key component ofthetransform Human CapitalInvestment Plan (HCIP). 2012-09-30 6.249673 -0.229210 -20.01%Yellow Category 114 34.03%Red Category
1404103764 eDiscovery for OGC Phase 2 During FY15, the eDiscovery project will provide additional capacity upgrades through the procurement of additional software licenses and hardware, providing additional storage and backup capacity, to increase capability to support a total of 500 OGC users across 28 offices. The project will also procure and implement enhancements to enable OGC users access the eDiscovery system through additional interfaces such as SharePoint, mobile applications, and future PIV decryption capabilities. This migration will benefit the Veteran by providing an eDiscovery solution with sufficient capacity, capability and sustainment for the Office of General Counsel (OGC) to identify, collect, preserve, process, review, analyze, and produce the responsive documents required. 2015-10-30 7.713000 -0.223420 -7.29%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1109190770 Talent Management System FY12 Enhancements Enhance the Talent Management System to provide Customer Relationship Management andLeadership Development Portal functionality. Convert learning content to make it available for viewing on mobile devices. 2013-11-08 5.679000 -0.136405 -7.76%Green Category 4 0.74%Green Category
1010150613 Child Care Records Management System Child Care Records Management System (CCRMS) application is a custom online system/application which will encompass an intranet web site for dynamically displaying information about VA facilities and key staff nationwide, along with administrative application for maintaining the data via internet. The vendor under this contract is Metters Industries, Inc. The CCMRS contract was awarded in March 2011 via an existing contract with OI&T Web Solutions Service (WSS). WSS is responsible for the coordination and support for all of VAs intranet and internet web activities. CCRMS will enable the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) to systematically reduce the time for processing employee eligibility/enrollment and increase VA security of information requested from eligible employees. Employees will have the ability to scan in required documents for the CCSP. CCRMS will increase productivity of the program and the level of security of employee personal information. 2013-09-30 3.249673 -0.068534 -5.01%Green Category 12 1.47%Green Category
1010150610 Labor Management Relations Tracking System (LMR) The Labor Management Relations Tracking System (LMR) will provide information to VAs top management regarding Labor Relations (LR) actions and issues and will also identify trends and deficiencies which will foster the development of training in the specific areas that are needed to correct LR problems. LMR also seeks to educate management and supervisors on good LR practices. LMR is a web-based application that will provide the capabilities needed to manage, track, and report LR issues in a more efficient manner. 2012-02-24 0.310000 -0.000660 -0.27%Green Category 1 0.51%Green Category
1010150614 Personnel Accountability System (PAS) during emergencies locate and report the status of employees,their ability to report to work and actionable information for VA managersPersonnel Accountability System (PAS) a Major Initiative/Human Capital (MI-12) effort for Personnel Accountability System that is an Emergency Preparedness. The system is a mass notification and accountability tool that provides emergency notification to employees and contractors via every conceivable technology and provides a mechanism for personnel accountability.PAS is a high profile endeavor that strives to consolidate various emergency systems currently in place to a single VA solution. A contract was awarded to the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) command to provide real-time actionable intelligence on personnel accountability to VA managers and VA leadership. 2012-09-28 2.600000 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 11 2.81%Green Category
1507139010 Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) System ICE will provide a web based tool for Veterans to submit feedback (e.g., on healthcare received at VHA hospitals and facilities, and VBA regional centers) with the capability to generate reports of tangible data to improve health care, products and services provided to Veterans.ICE will allow VA customers to quickly and easily provide feedback anonymously or with contact information to service provider managers. ICE gives leadership timely data on service quality, allowing managers to benchmark the performance of their service providers against other VA organizations. ICE aligns with Secretary McDonald’s “MyVA” providing a seamless, integrated, and responsive VA customer experience to empower Veterans. 2017-10-30 5.500000 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1010150611 SES Collaborative Website The Corporate Senior Executive Management Office (CSEMO) requires collaborative management tools (CMT) for engaging the members of the Senior Executive Service (SES). It will enable the sharing of educational, program, biographical and other critical information so as to enhance the effectiveness and performance of SES members through collaboration and communication. 2012-02-29 4.670960 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1010150604 Equal Employment Opportunity-Alternate Dispute Resolution (EEO-ADR) Dashboard The Office of Resolution Management has a need to roll out an Equal Employment Opportunity/Alternate Dispute Resolution dashboard system that will interface with the CATS data source (Complaint Automated Tracking System) and ADR tracker in order to provide a national VA-wide solution. The EEO/ADR Dashboard is intended to be a management tool that provides easy access for monitoring key components of the work environment such as complaint activity, employee satisfaction, conflict management, dispute resolution, diversity, etc. 2012-03-02 0.540000 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1306052528 Conference Oversight and Reporting Knowledgebase (CORK) Conference Oversight and Reporting Knowledgebase (CORK) supports the effort to safeguard Federal funds related to conference sponsorship/hosting, and recording attendance of employees at conferences sponsored or hosted by non-Federal entities. Meet the September 21, 2011 OMB memorandum 11-35, "Eliminating Excess Conference Spending and Promoting Efficiency in Government. 2014-04-21 1.414000 0.000000 0.00%Green Category -21 -4.23%Green Category
1010150617 Human Resource (HR) Academy Web Portal The Human Resources (HR) Academy Knowledge Management Web Portal will provide a capability for VA HR professionals to collaborate, review, share and obtain information to improve effectiveness in their operational environment.The system will provide access to HR related training, resources, experts and specialists; will provide for user interaction and communication; allow them. HR usersto gain depth in their specific discipline and certifications thus building HR proficiency and skills. 2012-09-28 2.700000 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1109130819 Central Office Human Resources Service (COHRS) Workload Tracking System An automated system is needed to effectively track key business processes within several Central Office Human Resources Service (COHRS) divisions. The system will provide both standard and ad hoc reports. It will also enable COHRS personnel to conduct historical analyses to support their strategic consulting responsibilities. This is required by the Deputy Secretary for customer satisfaction and time to recruit. Currently, there is no system in place to capture data. 2013-03-17 0.145900 0.000000 0.00%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1208300997 VA Web Redesign VA needs to update the look and feel of the website. The strategic need is based on the Secretarys desire to be forward leaning and communicative with Veterans. The update of the templates and forms will not only update the look and feel of the website but provide an update to the taxonomy and the navigation of VAs online information. The easier access to the info that Veterans need the most will fill the Secretarys mandate to be more accessible to Veterans online. 2014-10-29 0.910000 0.003220 0.35%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1404154051 Conference Oversight and Reporting Knowledgebase (CORK) Phase ll Provides the VA with a approval application, database, and reports to meet the OMB mandate. 2016-10-28 2.000000 0.013823 1.67%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1010150609 Reasonable Accommodation Compliance System Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Division of Outreach and Retention (O & R) will implement a tracking system that will satisfy requirement for a Reasonable Accommodation Case Management System to address request for disability accommodations within the VA, in accordance with guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEO). Services are required to develop an automated case management system that reflects the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions guidance on tracking and reporting on the timeliness, efficiency, and appropriateness of decisions on requests for disability accommodations in VA. The system will follow VAs procedures and incorporate VAs forms for processing accommodation requests. The system will allow users to enter sources contacted for guidance and the cost of the accommodation provided. 2012-02-24 0.175000 0.026469 17.65%Yellow Category 1 0.51%Green Category
1208300897 SCIP Automation Tool (SAT) - Construction Capital The SCIP Information Technology (IT) system is a web-based, robust system created to: collect and maintain the data necessary to understand and evaluate the VAs infrastructure and service Gaps. The SAT Construction Capital is a sub-project of the SAT Program as a result of a mandated update from the Office of Management and Budget to Implement No Net New guidance issued by OMB (core process improvement). Also, to incorporate CAMS and CAI key data elements into SCIP SAT (enhancement) to allow SAT users will to be able to generate SCIP gap data after the CAMS database is retired and data elements from the CAI database will be integrated, reducing another system requiring access by SCIP SAT users. 2014-07-31 1.905000 0.043416 2.47%Green Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1109130879 VAFM Business Management System Support and Hosting The BMS provides a repository and retrieval system of all Veterans Affairs Facility Management (VAFM) level business processes (enterprise wide). These processes apply to all Administrations and Staff Offices. The BMS allows for facility processes to be continually updated and refined without having to publish volumes of paper and will always host the most current version of a process. As VAFM transforms away from a fragmented approach to facility management, the need for easy access to current processes is essential for successful implementation of change. 2012-09-30 3.626000 0.150000 6.69%Green Category 44 11.14%Yellow Category
1209040820 eDiscovery for OGC An IT solution to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) discovery will significantly reduce the time employees spend identifying and searching for ESI. An e-discovery tool will assist attorneys, custodians of relevant information, chief information officers (CIO), information security officers (ISO), and other OIT personnel in accomplishing the required tasks more efficiently and effectively. Using dedicated software to accomplish tasks that are currently being done manually will be more defensible should VAs e-discovery methods be challenged. 2014-08-29 4.900000 0.792423 28.36%Yellow Category 1 0.19%Green Category
1109080699 VAFM Construction Project Management Software The Construction Project Management Software is an enterprise-wide, web-based software solution that will provide the capability to manage VA construction projects from project conception through building activation and occupancy for major, minor, and non-recurring maintenance construction projects as well as leasing. 2015-12-30 16.148671 1.139763 21.62%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
1010150603 WebHR Automation (WebHR) of internal Human Resource Services which may interface with the Shared Service Center (SSC) in accordance with Federally mandated Human Resource Line of Business (HR LOB) Initiative. The identified goal for this effort is to expand and convert two existing applications (WebHR and HealthCare Retention, Recruitment Education and Scholarship) into the WebHR portal primarily supporting services and products for the workforce, human resources, and talent management areas. 2012-09-18 22.981917 1.147589 44.97%Red Category 0 0.00%Green Category