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Monday, November 30, 2015


IMPORTANT: This page is part of an archived copy of the IT Dashboard. All data on this edition of the IT Dashboard was last updated August 31, 2015.

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Project Id Project Name Objectives / Expected Outcomes Project Start Date Project Completion Date Project Life Cycle Cost sort icon Project Status Cost Variance Cost Variance (%) End Point Schedule variance (in days) End Point Schedule Variance (%)
1 Direct Access Technical Refresh The goal of the technical refresh is to migrate payroll/HR functionality from PeopleSoft 8.0 which is no longer vendor supported, to 9.1 in an efficient manner using COTS with minimal modification. 2010-08-02 2016-07-01 $26.553000 M In-progress 5.628000 21.20%Yellow Category -61 -3.24%Green Category
2 Direct Access Maintenance To perform the maintenance activities, such as bug fixes, operating and database system patch updates, test and implement PeopleSoft bundles to maintain the system and ensure operational performance meets SLAs and to ensure system meets legislative mandates. 2011-06-01 2016-09-30 $12.343000 M In-progress 1.380000 11.18%Yellow Category 0 0.00%Green Category
3 CG-1 PMO Support One-year project / contract for CG-631 to provide support to the CG-1 PMO stand-up and provide SME support to initiate a number of PMO functions such as CM, Requirements management, and tasks as defined by the USCG SDLC. 2011-10-01 2012-09-30 $0.772000 M Completed 0.346000 44.82%Red Category 0 0.00%Green Category